Beginner Chapter Completed

If you can play the last track of the Beginner Chapter (Metal Song 5 - Gears of War) and you know the Basic Music Theory I teach in that chapter you can buy the Intermediate Chapter.

  • Hand Positioning
  • Tuning the Guitar (6 string)
  • Amp Setting
  • Downpicking
  • Muting
  • Reading Tabs (basics)
  • Palm Muting
  • Rhythm Subdivisions (basics)
  • Power Chords
  • Alternate Picking (basics)

Speed, Control & Knowledge

In the Intermediate Chapter we focus on strengthening our chops up to 200bpm. So we have the skills we need to play any kind of metal subgenre we love (Heavy, Thrash, Power, Death etc.).

33 Videos

  • 15 Pure Instructional Videos
  • 18 Mini-Metal Songs (with tabs, explanation, demonstration, backing track and whatever you want)

New Techniques:

  • Accents
  • Legato
  • Slide
  • Strumming
  • Bending
  • Vibrato
  • Pick Slanting

New Music Theory:

  • More Rhythm Subdivisions (triplets, rests, dots, etc.)
  • the Chromatic Scale
  • Intervals
  • Minor Pentatonic Scale
  • Natural Minor Scale
  • Guitar Harmonies

Chop Builders

This chapter is made for building up our Guitar Muscles. We want:

  • fast and powerful Alternate Picking (16th notes at 190/200bpm)
  • precise fretting hand
  • clean legato
  • perfect muting
  • perfect timing
  • a great overall control of the guitar
  • knowledge on how to harmonize guitar parts and main musical scales
  • and more

If you already have these skills and you want to explore complex techniques (tapping, sweep picking, slap etc.), complex music theory (time signature changes, complex chords) and metal styling the Advance Chapter is for you.

There's a video down here. It collects some bits of the Intermediate Chapter. If you think you're able to play everything in it easily you can go to the Advanced Chapter.


Small bits of the Intermediate Chapters. There's way ... waaaaaay more than this. But if you want to get an idea, you can. The last fragment is the last mini-metal song of the chapter. If you think you're able to play it, chances are that the Avanced Chapter is for you.