Intermediate Chapter Complete

You have great chops. Your alternate picking is on point, your fretting hand is fast and solid, your muscles works with you and not against you and you know fundamental Music Theory (Intervals, Natural Minor Scale, etc.).

  • Hand Positioning
  • Tuning the Guitar (6 string)
  • Amp Setting
  • Downpicking
  • Muting
  • Reading Tabs (basics)
  • Palm Muting
  • Rhythm Subdivisions (basics)
  • Power Chords
  • Alternate Picking (basics)
  • Accents
  • Legato
  • Slide
  • Strumming
  • Bending
  • Vibrato
  • Pick Slanting
  • More Rhythm Subdivisions (triplets, rests, dots, etc.)
  • the Chromatic Scale
  • Intervals
  • Minor Pentatonic Scale
  • Natural Minor Scale
  • Guitar Harmonies
  • Great Overall Control of muscle tension

Diverse and Advanced Techniques, Styling and Knowledge

In the first part of the method we're going to discover new techniques (such as Economy Picking, Guitar Harmonics and more) and we're going to challange ourselves with more challenging Mini-Metal Songs that have a more modern flavour than the previous chapter. In the second part we're going to play on 15 tracks, each one in a different Style of Metal.

39 videos

  • 17 Pure Instructional Videos
  • 22 Mini-Metal Songs (15 of them are in 15 different Styles of Metal)

New techniques:

  • Economy Picking
  • Alternate Tunings (6 string)
  • Guitar Harmonics
  • Chords Application
  • Clean Riffs
  • Basic Guitar Effects
  • Tapping
  • Sweep Picking
  • Slap Technique

New Music Theory:

  • How To Make and Name any Kind of Chord
  • Notes on the Fretboard
  • Time Signatures
  • Functioning of the Main Guitar Effects (basics)
  • the Major Scale

Pretty Advanced People (duh!)

You master the main guitar techniques. Playing Metallica and Iron Maiden is a joke to you, so you're looking for a new challenge. You're looking for a diverse plethora of sounds and techniques, trying new Alternate Tunings and the 7 string guitar is more and more interesting.

You listen to complex music, characterized by Time Signature Changes, Sweep Picking Parts, Tapping and complex chords. And you want to know what you're doing.

The Advanced Chapter is made for you. There's a video where I collected some bits of the Advanced Chapter right down here.


Small bits of the Advanced Chapters. There's way ... waaaaaay more than this. But if you want to get an idea, you can.